The Art Of Affection Through The Labor Of Love.

Maybe it is a shady linden alley, maybe it’s the smell of winter or a favorite restaurant with a wooden facade painted teal. Maybe it is a walking path that you would use for your commute from home to school when you were a child…

I miss New York

We all have things that we so sincerely love in our native cities or the places where we spent a significant period of time and got attached to, which is why we want to keep a mental photograph of them to really capture their uniqueness and beauty.

I miss Tel Aviv

With this in mind, I have started to create a series of posters with cities’ names written on them in a designer way. The project called “I Miss My City” is rapidly growing, but for the sake of keeping this piece laconic, I will add just a few of them, and the rest (in a better quality) I will be posting on Instagram within the next week. Note!These works are not to be intended as a public domain.


I Miss Moscow