On the United States’ President Trump’s visit to Jerusalem and Britney Spears’ socially motivated leak-song from the 00’s

Half of the roads in the city are blocked and people are gathering in groups trying to find the way to their assorted destination or to exchange the news on what they saw through the live stream on youtube or through the stir of Jerusalem which, by virtue of its nature, is not adapted to hosting high-profile guests in its ancient marble.

The luckiest are the ones who had a glimpse of Melania’s flawless suit shining in white that, yet another time, emphasized her slim silhouette and the posture left from her modeling days, or, Trump’s long blood-red and white striped tie. These people had the chance to become public speakers of their own sort as everyone would listen to their impressions on the royal family with their mouth agape.

With Trump’s relentless passion for gold, one can imagine, that famous song “Jerusalem of Gold” did not deliver the anticipated level of glory and spectacle to the American President as it mostly appeared dusty with withered grass in the color of ore.

The bus lines were operating out of their own will that day. They were picking their own routes just to get around and avoid clashes while the drivers would lament about the eternal and mundane wishing on occasion a happy holiday or Shabbat shalom to their passengers despite the fact that it was a regular Tuesday day. The helicopters were rattling as their blades were twisting the Israeli air and the dogs were barking not understanding the importance of this assembly.

After the sun had rolled beyond the horizon and the heat evaporated leaving relaxing breeze as its successor, we heard the notes of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” The tune was tumbling at first, but it accelerated and required confidence. “…You may see I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one” the words reminded.

After Donald Trump’s visit, the city was struggling to get back to normal. The buses still didn’t know where to go, and the dogs were still hesitant to do their business around fencing placed almost everywhere by the Israeli police.

The week was concluded by the news of a new leak of Britney Spears’ song called “Take Off” – an up-tempo D-minor statement of the songstress’ beliefs that she evidently strongly identified with in her early twenties. On this track we get to hear the singer’s signature baby voice -not autotuned, without heavy production, breathless at times yet, explicit, chanting “ this is my wish that we all feel connected, this is my wish that nobody is neglected…take off.”